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Stars shine brightest when one is truely happy

Renni's page :D

5 November 1992
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My name is Ren and i'm asian :D . . . Part Vietnamese, Japanese and American. xP . I'm a Super Junior Fangirl. . . XD; a crazy one. I'm in love with other ones but SuJu just pwns. Henry is my most favorite (even though hes only a sub member not offical) because hes soo cute!! and his cheeks. so cubby x33. Zhoumi is really awesome too. though hes not a person i would date XD; i'm not exactly into that whole Anti thing aganist Henry and Zhoumi. infact i think its pretty sad . i mean they have great talents and people look at them as if their nothing D: . . . i cry ;^; . . . i'm really sensative. xP mwahah. . . yah. I love to draw and write. . . at times. . . drawing more <3 . I love making friends!! X3 its really fun :D and i love to talk x3. . . and daydream . . . and i have no life XD . but whatever :3 . My fave suju couples are (cause i cant pick just one) : Eunhae, Kyumin, Yewook, Henbum (i know. werid couple but there cute!), Henwook (works x3 cause there cute ), Yehyuk, Hanchul, Zhoury, Kangteuk and er. .. well all i can think up . . . My top 5 suju members : 1. HENRY 1. Ryeowook and Sungmin ( i have doubles so what ?? ;^;) 3. Eunhyuk and Donghae 4. Yesung 5. Kyuhyun<------- the list is for i will so date them. . . . . to be truthfull they are all my number 1 but. if you ask me to pick the most datable to lest . . . yah. << . . . >> . . .i also love watching Dramas :D. Korean. Tai. Japanese.

dramas i've seen:
Hana Kimi ( Jap) *****
Hana Kimi (thai) ***
X-family (still watching)
Ko-one *****
Bull Fighting *****
4 Shinmai tantei dan****
Brown Sugar Machiato (still watching)
Hana Youri no Dango *****
Hana Youri no Dango Final*****
Hana Kimi Speical*****
Bad Family*****
Shinigami no Ballad ****
Trick **
Hometown Legends ****
One Missed Call (jap)*****
Rainbow romance (still watching) (aka nonstop 6)
Liar Game *****
Tokyo Juliet (still watching)
A million stars falling from the sky (still watching)
I'm Sorry, I love you *****
RH Plus*****

Need to watch:
Devil beside you
Fated to love you
Proposel Daisakusen
Stairway to heaven
Tokyo Ghost Trip
Hyena (the one that Super Junior K.R.Y had the song for. )

I rated the ones i finshed :3 5/5 is best. 0/5 is worse.

and me on msn whenever you want :C . i'm extremly talkatvie *o* haha. Ask Arksky or Music_Loner. They know. x3 I'm married To Vanilla :D ~~!! (silverstream4) ahaha. <3


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