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31 July 2011 @ 03:25 pm

been forever since i've been on here
i must say
by all my fanfics
and old art

I should be more active on here though . AHHH I MISSED THIS PLACE

i'm not too sure if any of you guys remember me :'D <3 i do remember a lot of you all though.


ren ren is back ... sorta. Lets see if i post anymore fanfics. I havent wrote any in ages. ;v;ll
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16 October 2009 @ 04:00 pm
 I haven't been on in foreverrr. sheesh. i need to write more fics >8I I cant work on chapter fics since i fail so much with keep up with it . So uhm. ONE SHOTS . yah.... i'll think up one... Kyumin... Hyukmin... Eunhae ....i'm not so sure right now Lol... who wants to give me couple and prompt? -if they are still watchign me that is .__.; i wouldn't blame people for stopping since i havent been on since... like... ever. 
16 May 2009 @ 10:08 pm

Its you for bunni102. HyukMin story~:

“I. . . don’t think we should see each other anymore. . .” The shorter, older, black headed male said with his eyes glued to the floor.

The taller brunette looked at his lover as if he was crazy. They were walking out in the park, where they first met. . Where he first asked him out and where they first kissed. Now is it going to be a place where they break up? “W-Why??!”

“Its just. . .uhm. . . I met someone else. . .” The older lied.

“No. . . How could you have been?! Sungmin. . . You couldn’t have. We were always together, always had been! We should always be together. You can’t end it like this, you had no way to cheat on me or anything !. . .” The brunette exclaimed, furious.

“Eunhyuk. . . Its my ex. She wants to get back and I want to go back with her okay. . . Its over. Lets just drop it” Sungmin lied to him again before he walked off, but before he could get merely a foot away he was pulled into a hug. “E-Eunhyuk!”

“No. . I’m not letting you go. I never will. .. Its only you. . . For me. . . I cant . . . I just wont. . .” Eunhyuk muttered , a bit helplessly as he buried his head into his lovers hair. He doesn’t want to let go, ever.

Sungmin pushed Eunhyuk off him and ran off before he could get pulled into another hug. Right after that Eunhyuk fell to his knees, defeated.

*week later*

Eunhyuk hasn’t gone to work or school in over a week. Hasn’t talked to his friends, his family, nothing. He’s been to devastated for him since the break up. He’s been on his bed. . . Their bed, the bed they would always fall asleep on every night together and cuddle up to each others warmth. Eunhyuk made up his mind. He has to get Sungmin back to him no matter what. There’s no way he’s going to let go of Sungmin like this , he cant sit around and do nothing about it anymore. He sat up on the bed and grabbed him cell phone before dialing Sungmin’s number. . . Apparently he dialed the wrong number. He tried again and again but its still the wrong number. He got annoyed now. First its devastation, now annoyance. Ryeowook must know Sungmin’s number! He then dialed Ryeowook’s number only to be greeted by a difference voice.

“Hello? Yesung here. . . Who’s this?” Yesung said a bit sternly.

“Oh. . . Hey Yesung, Its Eunhyuk. . Do you think Ryeowook knows Sungmin’s new number?” Eunhyuk asked curiously.

“Didn’t Sungmin tell you? He had to go to the US to study. . . I would think he would have told his boyfriend. . .” Yesung told him.

Eunhyuk felt his heart fell. Sungmin. . . Lied? There’s no time to think about Sungmin lying! “W-Where in the US! Why?! Give me his address.!” Eunhyuk demanded.

“uh. . . Let me give the phone to Ryeowook” Yesung said before handing it over to his lover.

“Hello? Ryeowook here”

“Ryeowook! Tell me where Sungmin lives now!! His address! Now!” Eunhyuk exclaimed.

Ryeowook fell silent. “Sungmin’s terribly hurt. . . He only didn’t tell you because you got the job you always wanted here. . . Being a dancer . And he didn’t want you giving up that dream for him. That’s why he lied. . .” Ryeowook explained to Eunhyuk.

“I don’t care about that! Please. . Just tell me where he’s living!” Eunhyuk begged.

“Alright. . . I’m only doing this because I really don’t want Sungmin upset while studying alone. He has been so devastated ever since the day that you two broke up. Please. . . Make him happy once more. . . Alright?” Ryeowook asked, for his friend sake. “He told me never to give it to you but I really cant keep that promise. “

“Thanks Ryeowook. . . I will make him happy. “ Eunhyuk promised. After that Ryeowook gave Eunhyuk Sungmin’s address and they hung up. Eunhyuk has never been more determined in his life. Sungmin was the only one for him and forever, Sungmin will be the only one. The next day he bid his friends farewell as well as his dream job and his family then boarded the plane.

*Next day off the plane and at his reserved hotel room*

Today is the day he’s going to be seeking out Sungmin in this foreign place. He might not know where everything is but Tablo said he can drive Eunhyuk to Sungmin’s collage. And so he does.

“So, trying to get Sungmin back?” Tablo asked him.

“. . . No. Trying to make Sungmin realize he cant lose me. I’d give up my dream job just to be with him at his dream school he always wanted to go to. . . He really can’t lose me.” Eunhyuk explained.

“How cute. Now don’t you two do anything bad on campus. I don’t think these people support gay relationships very much. Expect for these two insane girls that usually follows Sungmin to school because Sungmin is a depressed load of well. . . Depression.” Tablo explained.

“Well just as long as he’s not cheating on me then its good.” Eunhyuk smiled.

“I doubt he would even though it can’t be cheating if you two broke up” Tablo muttered under his breathe.

*at Sungmin’s collage*

Eunhyuk said farewell to Tablo because he had to go back to practice. Eunhyuk stood by the gates of the collage looking around for his love. He wanted to see Sungmin again and hold him. . . And tell Sungmin that he’s the only person for him. If Sungmin moved on then Eunhyuk will certainly fight this person for Sungmin, even if it’s a girl. He doesn’t care how far he needs to go to get his love back because he can’t live without this person. Then he saw him. His smile lost its brightness. . . His eyes lost a lot of shine and he looks thinner then usual but he knows its him. Sungmin is still wearing that ring that he gave him the day after they went out. He’s talking to two girls, they seem to be having a good conversation so he got jealous. Those girls must be the one Tablo was talking about. He walked over and stopped dead in front of Sungmin. Which made Sungmin look up at who stopped in front of him and when Sungmin saw , Sungmin was left speechless.

“Heyy. Stephhh. What do you think is going on in Sungmin’s head?” The black haired, pink highlighted hair girl asked the girl taller then her.

“Hmm. I don’t know Rennzie. Maybe hes all ‘Wow. This is one hottie! I must capture him and try to forget about my ex!’ sorta thing” Steph made up.

“Haha. Okay Minnie. We shall leave you alone now. Don’t do anything naughty!! We gotta get to our school!” Rennzie exclaimed as she dragged Steph off with her.

Eunhyuk was slightly clueless at what those two girls just said but he shrugged it off. They spoke too fast for him to understood, but that wasn’t the point. Sungmin was standing in front of him now and he needed to talk to him. He took Sungmin’s hand and dragged Sungmin far away from the school, to a small park and sat down on a bench and pulled Sungmin down on top of him. “I missed you. . . So much. . . I can’t live without you. . . I hope you know that.” Eunhyuk said as he nuzzled into Sungmin’s warmth.

Sungmin sat there , responseless as tears welled up in his eyes. “H-How. . .W-why! You had your--” Sungmin was stopped short as a pair of lips met his own.

“My job isn’t important. I’d give up everything to be with just you, and that’s what I did. I can’t stand being without you and there’s no way I’m losing you. “ Eunhyuk told the older man as he tightly hugged him.

“B-But. . You al-always . . .” Sungmin started crying. He didn’t know how to speak anymore he was happy that Eunhyuk gave up everything, just to be with him. “Y-You’re so. . . Stupid. . You worked so hard for it. . .”

“Who cares. I work harder to make you happy. I don’t need that job. Seeing you smile everyday is what makes me live. Nothing more. So don’t break up with me anymore over something so silly, alright? Always stay with me. I’m not letting you go. Its only you for me. Got it?” Eunhyuk told his lover as he kissed his neck, that was hidden by the scarf he wore.

“D-don’t do that here! Its public here. . . And. . . Alright. . . I wont do it again. . . “ Sungmin said a bit guilty for even doing it in the first place.

“Good boy. So how about we go back to your place and have some fun, hmm? And we are going to be living there together too, okay?” Eunhyuk asked.

“B-But. . . Its really small. . . There’s no room. . I mean it’s the kitchen , bathroom and the living room which is suppose to be the bedroom. . . that’s all there is. . . That was all that I could afford. . .” Sungmin said a bit sadly.

“well who cares. We don’t need to have living room sex on the sofa and what not. We’ll just enjoy ourselves in the bed.” Eunhyuk told his cute lover.

“Jezz. Always thinking about sex aren’t you?” Sungmin asked him.

“No. I’m always thinking about having sex with you.” Eunhyuk said with a smile as he stood up, carrying Sungmin bridal style. “So lead me to your house Princess” Eunhyuk said giving a peck on Sungmin’s lips.

“Alright. . . But should we move back to Korea because. . .I . . .” Sungmin just trailed off.

“You wanted to go to collage here, and you finally got too, so forget it. I’m living with you here and that’s that.” Eunhyuk told the cute man.

“Alright then. . . I love you Hyukkie” Sungmin told him cutely as he put his arms around his lovers neck and snuggled up against his warmth and smiled, his first bright smile after the break up.

“I love you too Minnie. And I always will” Eunhyuk reminded him once again as he gave a peck on his forehead.

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31 March 2009 @ 05:14 pm

AISH. SO . UH. i was . . . well i came up with this nice Yewook ficcccc. I'll put up the 2ed part later on in my life xD;; and i still need to finish the KyuMin. . .and i should post up my EunMin i started  . . . and i neeed to do a EunHae story. I AM SO BUSY x_X;;

Its PG?? idk. just read. i'll deal with those rating things some other time. I'M LAZYYYYY DX SO SUE ME . YOU ALL SHOULD BE LUCKY I ACCIDENTLY TOLD MY FRIEND I HAD THIS STRY GOING ON AND THAT I POSTED IT D: !!!
[CLICK FOR YEWOOK 1/2 ]Collapse )
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